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What is Story Glow?

Story Glow is a monthly subscription box, bringing carefully curated children's books and learning activities straight to your door! It enables all parents to engage in meaningful and exciting reading experiences with their young reader. Every month, you will receive a brand new story, 2-3 arty crafts activities and countless learning ideas.

Why choose Story Glow?

Not only will Story Glow keep your child's bookshelf filled with new and exciting reading material, but learning opportunities are literally bursting out of the box! Your 'Learn with Glowy' parents' guide contains engaging learning opportunities linked to the objectives of the National Curriculum including reading and writing activities and many more! The perfect way to help you help your child in all aspects of learning.

How are the books chosen?

By the Story Glow teachers! With over 15 years combined experience, we know which books inspire young readers and we understand what they need to learn at each stage of their education. We look for inspiring texts and story lines that engage your little one in reading.

When does billing and shipping occur?

You will be charged immediately when you purchase any of our subscription options or 'one off' purchase boxes. For our subscription customers, you will be charged for subsequent boxes on 20th of every month. We will endeavour to ship all boxes (including single box purchases) on the 23rd, with a few exceptions that may require a couple of days either side of this, and your box will arrive in 3-5 working days. For new customers, our cut-off date for receiving your order is the 20th of each month. Subscribers who purchase after this date will receive their first box the following month.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

No problem! Log in to your account and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Please feel free to email us as support@storyglow.co.uk if you experience any issues.

What happens if my box doesn't arrive?

Wait a few more days, as it is likely Royal Mail are just super busy. We promise, it will be worth it.

What age is Story Glow suitable for?

Story Glow is aimed towards children between ages 3 to 7 years, but we have many younger and older subscribers who are learning from our boxes. Learning questions are differentiated by colour, but every child's learning progresses at a different pace so please use this as an approximate guide. 

Can I add a special note with my order?

Yes! At checkout, you can add a special message for the lucky little one who will be opening the box. Don't forget to also fill in the 'Child's name' box, as we personalize a letter written to them every month, from Glowy, the Story Glow book worm.