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What’s in the box?


The story book... 

Each box is bursting with excitement for your young reader! Inside, you will find a beautiful book for you to keep forever. We recommend that our chosen books are suitable for readers from  3-7 years old.

The books are carefully selected to ensure that your child is exposed to a wide variety of vocabulary and interesting story lines. Each one is hand wrapped and will certainly spark joy and excitement during bedtime stories!

Learn with Glowy

Meet Glowy! Our little glowworm plans lots of exciting learning opportunities to help you support your child. These have been tailored specifically to the story book, and questions are coloured according to the age group of your child. These link directly to the objectives of the National Curriculum (see NC links at the bottom of each one!) and cover a range of subjects, including literacy, maths, science and many more!

Each month, we include a mindfulness activity to help develop your child's concentration and well-being .


Time to get crafty...

We know how much your little ones love to learn creatively, so you will find 2 -3 exciting arts and craft activities in every box!

Crafting from a young age not only develops children's imagination and motor skills, but also improves their self-esteem and confidence.

Look out for 'Glowy's Challenge' in each box. Send us a pic of your creation and you will be in for a chance to win a prize in your next Story Glow box!