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  • Name: Becky 
  • Places worked: London & Kent
  • Qualification: BEd Hons (Primary Education + English specialism)
  • Positions held: KS1 teacher/ Literacy Leader/ Science subject leader/ Marking & Feedback Leader
  • Favourite story: 'Gangster Granny', David Walliams
  • Name: Mandy 
  • Places worked: London & Kent
  • Qualification: BA Hons (Primary Education) + National  Professional Qualification for Senior leadership
  • Positions held: KS1 teacher/ Key Stage Leader/ Literacy Leader/ Assessment Leader/ Art & Design Subject Leader
  • Favourite story: 'Room on the Broom', Julia Donaldson


  • Story Glow provides all the ingredients you need to spark excitement surrounding reading! 
  • Each story is chosen to captivate your little one
  • Beautifully wrapped to create a gift experience with the arrival of each box
  • All craft bits provided (so no last minute dashes to the shops!)
  • Key questions &learning tips help to create quality learning experience at home
  • Fresh & exciting stories to add to your collection
  • A mix of activities to do independently (so you can get bits done!) and together
  • Activities to support the National Curriculum in a really fun and engaging way!


You think a book is just a book? Think again! Reading is a powerful tool that can impact hugely on a child's learning and development. In today's world it is a vital skill to be able to access and absorb the world of information surrounding us. Reading boosts imagination, creativity and empathy skills. What better way to understand people around you than gaining a character's perspective through stories?

In schools today, educators do not simply teach children to decode words but also help them to learn all of the comprehension skills involved with really understanding what they are reading. To facilitate this, schools often adopt guided and shared reading sessions in which they use thoughtful questioning. e.g.

The scruffy dog gazed into the dark sky for a long time and sighed. He slowly rose up onto his paws and padded away. 

Can you find two actions the dog was doing in the text? How was the sky described? What time of the day do you think it was? How can you tell? How was the dog feeling?What has happened to the dog up to this point in the story? Can you explain what lead him to this point?What happened at the beginning of the story? Can you sequence the main events that stood out so far?What might happen to the dog later in the story? Where do you think he might be going?Which words tell us how the dog is moving? What do each of these words mean? Can you replace the word gazed for another that makes sense?

Of course, these types of open questions can be adapted to support your child depending on their age and level of reading. As teachers and Leaders of Literacy, we are fully trained to equip you with useful key questions linked to the text so that you are able to support reading effectively at home.