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3 month gift subscription (inc. shipping)

3 month gift subscription (inc. shipping)

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Choose a 3 month gift subscription so that your little one can receive 3 boxes worth of magical Story Glow fun! Each box contains a gift wrapped story and is brimming with exciting crafts and activities surrounding a particular theme. 

Activities inside stimulate curiosity and link directly to the National Curriculum. Who knew learning could be so much fun? There are tips for parents throughout, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to share the box and create memories together. 

Your little one will receive 3 themed Story Glow boxes (1 per month) which includes a popular children's story, sensory crafts and imagination building activities! 

(Please note - all Story Glow boxes will arrive within 5 working days of our universal shipping date of 23rd of each month).

Price savings include shipping and are based on a monthly subscription.

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