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‘Earth’ edition

‘Earth’ edition

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A one time delivery of a Story Glow, 'Earth' box. 

Please note one off purchase boxes will be shipped along with subscription boxes on 23rd of each month.

Imagine learning facts about the fascinating world around us from... Planet Earth himself (also known us ‘Planet Awesome!)! Our ‘Earth’ edition Story Glow box is brimming with activities to inspire a child’s excitement and curiosity around Planet Earth. 

Learning questions will support every adult to engage fully in each reading experience and links each activity to the National Curriculum. Challenges from Glowy will inspire your young reader and support their learning journey.

Included: Hand-wrapped book, 2-3 crafts with instructions, inflatable globe with accompanying challenges, mini magnifying glass, challenges, personalised letter from Glowy.

Recommended for children aged 3 -7 years. 

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